Minitech Machinery

Minitech Machinery Corporation manufactures a full line of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines. Minitech offers turn-key solutions with software and accessories allowing you to become more productive in making the components you need. Minitech`s products are of the highest quality and provide excellent value to our customers. Minitech also provides excellent service and support for our complete line of Desktop Manufacturing Systems.

Minitech gains market share in microfluidics R&D sector.

Part designs are shrinking and demand for micromanufacuring technologies is growing. Microfluidics research is a growing application of Minitech`s hardware and software solutions. Our customers have been producing "lab on a chip" and other microfluidics products.
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Parts with features from 200µm to 50µm.

Photos above provided by Frederik Bundgaard, Department of Micro and Nanotechnology at the at the Technical University of Denmark

Above: Brass microfluidics embossing die machined by our own application engineering department.

Minitech Mini-Mill / GX CNC Mini-Mill / GX The most affordable precision ground granite frame micro machining system on the market.

The Minitech Mini-Mill / 3, 3PRO, 4 and GX series all use THK caged ball linear bearings. This is the same high-quality components that larger CNCs have. Minitech uses only the best quality components.

PEEK machined medical implant with double helix internal thread milling. Manufactured by Brian DiNola at JBD Studio.

A basic microfluidic structure

Designed and manufactured in the USA by Minitech Machinery Corp.